AMHC  Chairman Craig Montanaro and Washington D.C. special counsel Doug Faucette quoted in Bloomberg Article on the negative effect of Federal Reserve Board Reg MM. on depositor relationships

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MHC Mergers

Northfield Bancorp, Inc. to Acquire Flatbush Federal Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:NFBK)

Court Decisions and Filings

Stillwell v NCB Complaint October 21,2011

Challenge against OTS MHC ownership rule limit



Law Firm memos

Vorys Ohio League presentation

Luse Gorman Memo

Insurance Industry Mutual Holding Companies

The Mutual Holding Company. A new Structural Option: Paper presentered to the Association of Life Insurance Counsels 1997


The Performance of Life Insurance Companies: 1860-1915 (T. Yang)
The Role of Insurance Companies as Financial Intermediaries in Capital Formation and Social Savings

 Liberty Mutual Holding Company: Information from

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 Insurance Industry MHCs: Overview - Glenn Daily Life Insurance Mutual Holding Companies

 SEC No Action letter re conversion of MHC workers compensation insurance

Taxation of MHCs

HOUSE BILL NO. 327 - Mutual insurance holding companies Idaho Taxation: Exemption for dividends paid to MHC

Academic Studies

  Indiana University: Mutual Holding Companies: Evidence of Conflicts of Interest through Disparate Dividends

Dodd -Frank Act Committee Reports

Committee Report on Dodd -Frank Act MHC provisions

US Agency Guidance

US Treasury Department Sub Chapter S and Mutual Institution SBLF Guidance

OTS Order, June 27, 2007: Optional Charter Provisions in Mutual Holding Company Structures

OTS Order, October 27, 2004: Denial of federal MHC requesting permission to convert federal savings bank to state-chartered savings bank

OTS Order, April 23, 2004: Approval of federal MHC to own state-chartered mid-tier which will own federally-charterd savings bank

OTS Order, April 23, 2004: Merger Approval allowing MHC with minority shareholders to acquire a mutual

OTS Order, March 24, 2004: Approval of federal MHC to own a mid-tier state-chartered MHC which will own a federally-chartered savings bank

Federal Reserve Board comment letters on reg MM

Dividend Waivers

Greene County Bancorp, Inc. Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend - MarketWatch

Prudential Mutual Holding Company for Prudential_Bancorp,_Inc._of_Pennsylvania (PBIP)

America's Mutual Banks