About Us

America's Mutual Holding Companies is an unincorporated association of mutual hoding companies with minority stockholders. The purpose of America's Mutual Holding Companies is to be the preeminent voice for mutual holding companies with minority stockholders.¬† It will advocate positions on issues uniquely affecting mutual holding companies with public stockholders promote equal treatment by regulators and legislators of the mutual holding company form of organization as compared with other forms of holding company organization;be the voice to promote the MHC agenda among Federal and State legislators, regulators and other policymakers;  educate legislators, regulators and other stakeholders on the unique attributes of the mutual holding company form of organization; strive to preserve mutual holding companies' freedom of choice with respect to State or Federal charter and with respect to full conversion or remaining in the MHC form;  work with the national and state trade groups to promote the MHC form of organization¬† and will assist those trade groups on other issues, if deemed advisable, to the extent not inconsistent with the purposes of AMHC; promote advancements in methods to raise capital through the public markets while maintaining mutuality at the holding company level.